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Finally we must be clear that whilst capitalism is in the process of collapse there are going be more massacres, wars, and capitalist barbarities, typical of the phase of decomposition that capitalism is going through on a daily basis.

The proletariat, which is today developing its own strength, is called upon to overcome all this by putting forward its perspective for the future of humanity. However, the struggling proletariat in Bagua understands this very well, and has gone beyond the democratic games, they understand that the best form of defence is the offensive.

It is possible that this is not too clear to begin with: many say that capitalism is still a powerful and dynamic system capable of overcome the crisis. Since the First World War capitalism has been in its period of decadence and it entered this new phase of capitalist decadence, the phase of decomposition, at the end of the 80's[4] The indigenous population's main reason for struggling was the defence of their small property (indigenous, peasant), which is an understandable demand for these exploited sectors, condemned to misery and marginalisation.

But this also makes it clear that there was no proletarian character to this struggle.

On the other hand, if we put things the other way round, starting from the idea of a struggle of the proletariat that does not differentiate itself from that of the other social strata, we run the risk that the proletariat will not be able to develop its strength and the same will apply to the other social sectors, that is, they will both be weakened and will be defeated and crushed.The proletariat had to win this gigantic social layer to its struggle.We think that it was able to do this from its own class base: the struggle to end the imperialist war, the world revolution, the struggle that gave all power to the Soviets or Workers' Councils.The struggle for the repeal of laws concerning budgets for schools, roads, water, electricity, for the development of the area, ignore the root of the problem: capitalism.But more specifically it creates illusions, the idea that capitalism through the state is still able to be an agent of progress (and here it is not a question of the dichotomy Modernity vs Backwardness as president Alan Garcia[6] says) . What we are presented with in the events in Bagua is the desperation of capitalism that is leading on the one hand to the destruction of the environment and on the other hand towards massacres of populations whose future is not wage labour, but the disappearance of the old communities through being pushed into the big cities, where they are crowded together in miserable conditions in the poverty-stricken shanty towns.Bagua demonstrates why capitalism is caught up in a process of collapse and the scenes of massacres and barbarity are a permanent consequence of this.War is a constant threat, and massacres such as Bagua today are only an expression of the capitalist barbarity that that is drawing closure and putting the whole of humanity in danger.But the dominant ideology of capital is also expressed in "indigenism", the defence of ancestral culture, nationalism, which carries out the role of diverting movements from linking up with proletarian interests when the proletariat shows solidarity with the indigenous population's protests: we can see this when these communities carry ‘tahuantinsuyo' flags and the two coloured scarf.It is also necessary to understand that what made the government massacre them was not "authoritarianism", "genocide" or "anti-democratism": it was precisely DEMOCRACY ITSELF THAT MASSACRED THEM.These social sectors need to be won over by the proletariat in its final struggle with capital.We must not mix this up with the idea that these sectors can be protagonists of a similar struggle to that of the proletariat or that they are a mass equal to the proletariat.

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