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Yes, I know you don't know what I know and what I don't, but still don't hesitate to ask. Because maybe they're in a darkness that you can't comprehend. What happened to the people he recruited to make them act the way they do? But there was just something about Edward's family that makes him stay. Grasshopper share something in common, but it isn't until a bullying incident at school that they realize it. Jack walked purposefully toward the Treehouse, anger lengthening his strides. It's got a different storyline from the movies but the same characters.

I know how I get, how it can be, and I want to help as much as possible. That there is a dark place that each of us visits from time to time, but that some are prevented from getting out of. I see others journey through hard times, and it helps me. Or Ice King getting back to Simon like in my Adventure Time story. But that doesn't always stop you from lashing out..having to live with the consequences. ...their solution was not to make improvements to current generation ships, but instead to use the cheap, older-generations of ship technology - namely that of the Second World War - and condense it to the size of a human. Specifically, how to condense WWII-era ship technology into the size of a human being. With their developers forced into shelters for their own safety, it seemed as though the ship girls were doomed to fade to myth. T project, and eventually ending up in the scientist's former home in the suburbs of what used to be Houston, Texas.In other words, their goal was to create a fleet of humanoid robots - or something like that - that had the firepower of World War II-era ship technology that would be incredibly cheap but still be able to to wield significant battle power and augment the larger, more modern ships of the American fleet nicely as escort boats or naval support eventually decided to name their new human ship after the World War II navy of Imperial Japan..scientist told Damon that they had shipped one of their first products to Houston, Texas, to be transported to the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, but as fate would have it, the nukes fell a few days after its arrival in the city. The year is now 2029, and the world is..actually an okay place to live. Born shortly after the war, he has basically seen all of what life had to offer After the End. It is here that he encounters his first ship girl, Fubuki-class destroyer .Female: Just because you're female doesn't mean you're worthless. The being that fed off of his pain, his misery, his shame. He had fought long and hard with no success, but now he would have help. Yes, Spring, or Bunnymund, is on his side, but Autumn isn't, and he despises Jack. Bunny hated the Blizzard of '68, and Jack doesn't know if Bunny has really forgiven him for it. Monkey had held off for as long as he could but one night it was irresistible. There was another rumble and the ground opened up behind Jack, who began slipping backwards. In fact, it gives you a lot of worth, most of which you don't even realize. Well, Tails learns the hard way that that isn't necessarily true. Tarrant Hightopp has missed his Alice greatly, and Alice has missed him as well. It WAS an accident, though he hasn't told Spring that. So for three nights, he gives in, but, to his dismay, one of his friends is affected by what he did. Apparently, it had been moved to the underground basement of the home of one of the American scientists as an extra safety precaution that it did not fall into the wrong hands, and it has sat there to this day, inactive. In an alternate universe, following the September 11th attacks, "The F. He's hot on the trail of a possible ship girl, following a lead provided by a scientist who had worked on the F. But what begins as a lofty yet simple goal of making a better world, by force if need be, quickly takes some unwanted turns when new complications and enemies, some less foreseeable than others, start to come out of the woodwork. Project", or the Fleet Expansion and Enhancement Test, was initiated by a team of American engineers, codenamed "Constitution", who were contracted by the U. Navy to research and develop enhancements for the United States Navy. While many ship girls were successfully built, activated for initial testing, and prepped for transport to the States, most of them never reached their assigned naval yards before the outbreak of World War III in 2010 that saw the United States and Iran throw nukes at each other. Black and Red: Not being understood by others, and how a person is more important than you think. Brothers: How keeping important things inside can actually harm you, physically and otherwise, and how people can benefit from honest communication. Can he ever face Batman again after their last confrontation? They help me get through my thoughts, my depression, my feelings. They give me something to do so I don't put a bullet in my brain or OD on my medication. Beauty and Beast: Everybody has them, but finding the range of a person's characteristics is quite the adventure. Bipolar: A glance into the emotions when faced with Bipolar Disorder. When he is strained to the breaking point, will he finally trust his friends with his burdens, or will they overwhelm him? He claimed he lost it, but one meeting with the principle makes Carlisle and Esme realize that their newest son isn't exactly the most academic person in the world. Here is a list of what my stories represent: Amulet of Truth: Fearing you will be ostracized for who you are is only natural, but real friends will love you no matter what. When Silverstreak's life on Earth is bleaker than it has ever been, something happens that throws him into another adventure. He is still hiding his own secrets from those he calls friends, afraid of the judgement of those who aren't. My username is the same, Transformersfan123, and the first story I'm doing is Memories and Magic. He's going to stay with the Autobots and take his chances. But their fears will be turned in upon themselves by something evil.

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