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He was the Justin Bieber of his time with his thick flop of hair, bee-sting lips and an obvious boyish charm. People come up to me and sing all the old songs to my face, although I’m never really sure how to respond to that.’The band secured their first UK No 1 in 1964 with I’m Into Something Good and hit the States a year later where they were the top-selling pop act in 1965.

But a kind of hush descends on Peter Noone - formerly of Sixties band Herman’s Hermits - at the comparison. The cherubic looking Noone wasn’t so clean-living back then.‘I remember going to the house of one of the Moody Blues and it was considered this real den of iniquity,’ he says.

Many of these groups lost their vitality over time due to restrictive membership criteria (limiting membership “only to drunkards of good repute”) and to the loss of their outreach and community service functions.

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Then, at 19, he attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with his accountant father, who was also a heavy drinker — and decided to stop.

New service roles sprout from the soil of unmet need.

In the current worlds of addiction treatment and addiction recovery, a new role is emerging to bridge the chasm between brief professional treatment in an institutional setting and sustainable recovery within each client’s natural environment.

The new role of the reformed temperance leader challenged the authority of physicians and clergy, who had served as the early leaders of the American temperance movement.

Reformed men like John Gough and John Hawkins traveled from community to community giving charismatic speeches, offering personal consultations to alcoholics and their family members, and helping establish local recovery support groups.

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