Adult simulator date gym games

Not all is great in Tentin, as yet another evil, the Tentin Force Team is up to nothing good... You are given a position in the most secret place, the police department.

Welcome to the Tentin region, a region with a rich history. Your job is to fight the evil mafia, who is causing trouble and doing criminal things all around the region. You will together travel with your secret agent partner, Jacob, and look around the region for mafiosos and criminals. Set in the tropical region of Tandor, you play as one of 3 heroes: Vitor, Natalie, or Pluto, and set out on an adventure to collect all 8 Gym Badges and rise to the very top of the Tandor Championship!

Return to the Tentin region with the superior sequel!

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Also, the old champion of Cento has come back stronger, he's beaten all champions, including the one from Cento, with his new mega evolution, can you beat him, in the final battle, if you can barely defeat your rival. Forget about it, your goal is to master the Mega Evolution and Latios, the guardian of Misty Island, suddenly appear in front of you.

Return to Saffron City as a young worker bored of a desk job he's had his whole adult life.

His life suddenly takes a 180 turn after the return of a certain criminal organisation.

You get your starter when distracting a team forest grunt and his Pikachu for battle, letting the region's professor, who was captured, escape.

You go through, catching legendary pokemon, fight gym leaders and the champion, foiling team forest's evil plans, and even see Professor Oak and Professor Birch!

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