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Submitted by Lisa on: February 19, 2018 Subject: Family business needs financial help Comments: My donation is small but given with appreciation to St. Expedite, I want God to bless our business and also our life.

I need a big amount of money to pay off creditors and also I don't want to depend on my parents. Submitted by PP on: February 19, 2018 Subject: Financial Increase Comments: Please help me with my financial struggle.

Thank you If you would like to send your petitions to Saint Expedite we will place them on this page.

But please remember, when he grants you your wish, you must spread his name.

please help me to get back to track again comfort me protect me from the people who wish to hurt me and give me victory over my enemies. Comments: Dear Saint Expedite, I need a new job with the U. I need a big financial blessing to pay my rent which is pass due I need 50 I do not want to be put out of my home. Submitted by Kathren on: February 22, 2018 Subject: Miraculous Blessing Comments: Dearest Saint Expedite, Thank you for your blessing and strength, I may not realise or see your blessing everyday but i know no amount of money or material things can compare to the blessing that you given me everyday, I come to you to seek and pray for your continous Miraculous Blessing, Help me Saint Expedite to overcome all of my finances, Bless me with you Kindness and Generousity, Teach me to trust you plans fully, You and God was the only one that can guide and help me, That i may find Financial Assitance and Financial Resources that can help us with our house loan, Keep me and my family healthy and Safe, I may not see a way but i know you have a way, And I trust you, I may not have enough money right now but i know you will help me and bless me, Strengthen my faith and Teach me trust your Timing, Please take away all my fears and worries and Please give me Hope...

bless me with true love and life partner soon and give me success in my exam. In return i promise to share your name with love and honor along with Jesus. Submitted by Guy on: February 25, 2018 Subject: Please a new job with the U. I also ask for help for my niece who needs help with her rent and light bill she is a college student out of in Va she needs 2400. Submitted by WW on: February 23, 2018 Subject: Thank You Comments: Dear Holy Warrior, Publicly thanking you for the nice response I received last night. I trust and Believe in you, I Thank you in Jesus name... praise me for my help with the job I have been doing in the past amen. Submitted by WW on: February 22, 2018 Subject: Help Comments: Dear Holy St.

Expedite, Please provide all funds for home purchase for our family. Please, please, please, my dear great blessed Saint Expedite, and I am thanking you in advance, thank you so much my great miracle worker. I urgently need to start work in order to contribute my part in providing for my family.

Intercede for me before the holy Trinity and grant this wish, Amen.

I ask you to intercede for me with the Lord Jesus at his feet. Submitted by Denise on: February 20, 2018 Subject: To be in a loving exclusive relationship with Troy Comments: My dearest St. Please pray that all fear of commitment, doubt and trepidation is removed from his mind and heart. I will make a pilgrimage your statue in NOLA and pay homage to you there for all you have done for us. Submitted by mary on: February 20, 2018 Subject: health Comments: my dear st.I continue to petition you to intercede before the throne of God. That he may create more time in our relationship that we can continue to grow in unconditional love.I humbly continue to ask like the woman in the parable, for a loving, committed, God-centered relationship with BE. I ask for this help to show immediately in both situations Submitted by Melissa on: February 21, 2018 Subject: Relationship Comments: Dear St Expedite, Please hear my prayer, bring my son Brandon and his ex-girlfriend Dehilia together again, reconcile their love for each other the trust the happiness let them be happy together, thank you in advance St Expedite.Put a piece of paper with your thanks on a bulletin board.You can also send us an email with your thanks, and we will put it on our Tribute Page.Thank you so kuch for ypur answered prayer because right now I truely claimed it. You know how much I love and miss BE being in my life. Expeditus, and I will continue spreading your name with love and honor. Submitted by Felix on: February 23, 2018 Subject: Reconciliation and peace Comments: Glory to the Blessed Trinity and Glory to our greatest miracle worker, Blessed Saint Expedite. Please pray that Billy and I may reunite in a better, healthy, loving, God-centered relationship and eventual marriage. Would you please find a miraculous way for us to reunite in God's love? Please do this honor for me, Holy Warrior, and I will be so grateful and continue spreading your Holy Name. Amen ed by Blessed Donor on: February 21, 2018 Subject: Please pray that I will stop procrastination Comments: Please pray that I will stop procrastination and meet my quota of reading one book or 50 articles per day.Thanks Submitted by Loraine on: February 23, 2018 Subject: Home Purchase Comments: Dear St. In Jesus's Name I continue to knock, seek, and ask. Please intercede for me and obtain for me a favour that the people of yambun village have peace in their hearts towards me when I present my report to them. Submitted by Marylin on: February 23, 2018 Subject: Please light a candle for me Comments: Thank you for all your prayers May god continue to bless everyone please i need a canndle for me i need help with a credit card bill i have to pay back it is a lot please pray for me that i will eventually get some money to pay it off soon please and thank you may St Expedit continue his blessing always Love Amen Submitted by Marylin on: February 22, 2018 Subject: Petition Comments: Dear St Expedite thank you for all your prayers you have been helping me a lot here is the small donation i promise to send please continue to guide and protect me everyday gave me strenght please forgave me if i have done wrong Love Always Amen Submitted on: February 22, 2018 Subject: I ask this wish be granted Comments: St. I humbly ask that communication resumes and is ongoing. My attention span hinders me from fulfilling this and help from St. Submitted by Irene on: February 21, 2018 Subject: In urgent need for employment Comments: Dear Roman warrior St Expedite, please kindly bless me with a good job this week.Please consider contributing to our project by going to our donation page.Submitted by Peter on: February 25, 2018 Subject: A Petition Comments: Saint Expedite please help me change my independant ways. I will send a donation so that you know I am serious, and I will keep all my promises.A public thank you is necessary to complete the transaction, that is a sign of respect and gratitude.Here are a few common suggestions: Run a classified ad in your local paper.

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