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- Peter Heering produced Cherry Liqueur, ruby-red liqueur, in Denmark (soaked lightly crushed Danish cherries, blended spices in neutral grain spirits, cask-matured mixture for up to five years, added sugar during aging process); - Alexander Keith (25), Scottish immigrant, acquired brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia from Charles Boggs (had worked there since 1817 as brewmaster, business manager); operated it as Nova Scotia Brewery; created original secret recipe for his own India Pale Ale; - Girolamo Luxardo, from Genova, founded distillery in Zara, port city on Dalmatian coast, to produce Maraschino ("rosolio maraschino", liqueur produced in Dalmatia since medieval times, often made in convents, perfected by his wife); - sixth generation manufactures Maraschino, Sambuca, Amaretto, Grappa, Limoncello, Passione Nera, gourmet division (liqueur concentrates for bakers, ice cream manufacturers, fruit syrups, delicious marasca cherry jam.

in Huddersfield in Yorkshire, England; bought raw tea, blended, packaged it, sold in London, center of tea trade; brothers parted company; - signed distribution agreement with The Wright & Graham Company (Franklin Street, Tri Be Ca section of Manhattan, New York); sold tins of Tetley brand Indian and Ceylon loose tea from nearby White Street site (mostly to department stores such as R.

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