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Students must also be aware that blogs, web pages, social media websites, and similar online communications are in the public sphere, and are not private.

These postings can subject a student to allegations of conduct violations, if evidence of policy violations is posted online.

Students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be time-critical.

Students interested in opting out of email communication should review the following section, .

But for someone with Asperger’s, it’s not enough to deal with sensory integration dysfunction; in order to succeed at the workplace, you need some guidelines for bridging the gap between other peoples’ social skills and your own. One of the things that is alarming to non-Asperger's people is how few friends and relationships people with Asperger's have. People don't care about your random, personal crap. But I'm entertaining or useful, and when I'm at my best, I'm both. For example, at Brazen Careerist, we just closed a small round of funding. People who are typical will think this is an easy conversation to have. People with Asperger's cannot generalize social rules. I write obsessively about how important it is to to be a star. Many people who work with me know that I'm weird. But I tried to just do what other people are doing.

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It is recommended that students check their email daily in order to stay current with University-related communications.

What I do hear Asperger's people sad about all the time is a lack of employment opportunity.

The way to improve this is to spend less time with people. We can look charming and quirky in small doses but in large doses, it's overwhelming. Go to the company picnic, but just talk with people for a little bit. At work you do not need to spend tons of time with people.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

When students violate University regulations, they are subject to disciplinary action by the University, whether or not their conduct violates local, state, or federal laws.

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