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If the animal control officer determines that a dog is a dangerous dog, he may order the animal's owner to comply with the provisions of this article.

If the animal's owner disagrees with the animal control officers determination, he may appeal the determination to the general district court for a trial on the merits.

The owner shall affix the tag to the animal's collar and ensure that the animal wears the collar and tag at all times.

All certificates obtained pursuant to this subsection shall be renewed annually for the same fee and in the same manner as the initial certificate was obtained.

There are numerous other mission opportunities in Africa, Mexico, and Bland County Virginia.

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Deep Impact Youth is Shiloh’s ministry for students in grades 7-12, and they meet every Wednesday from - P. Children’s Church for ages 5 – 12 is held on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays during the regular Sunday Service.Elijah’s Fire is Shiloh’s ministry to students from ages 5-12 and they meet every Monday from - P. Animal control officer, Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.104. Any person who permits his dog to run at large or remain unconfined, unrestricted or not penned up during the period specified shall be deemed to have violated the provisions of this section. Dog licenses shall run by the calendar year, namely, from January 1 to December 31, inclusive; and this license tax shall be payable at the office of the treasurer and shall be as follows: (1) For any single dog, regardless of sex, .00. No kennel license shall be issued unless a rabies vaccination certificate is presented for each dog in the kennel. 2) If a dog shall become four months of age or come into the possession of any person between January 1 and November 1 of any year, the license tax for the current calendar year shall be paid forthwith by the owner. If a dog license tag is lost, destroyed or stolen, the owner or custodian shall at once apply to the treasurer or his agent who issued the original license for a duplicate license tag, presenting the original license receipt. All funds collected by the treasurer pursuant to this division shall be paid into the general revenue fund of the county. (Code 1990, § 3-7) State law references: Authority to control dangerous or vicious dogs, Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.93:1. The animal control officer or owner shall confine the animal until such time as evidence shall be heard and a verdict rendered.4) All certificates or renewals required to be obtained under this division shall only be issued to persons 18 years of age or older who present satisfactory evidence of the animal's current rabies vaccination, if applicable, and that the animal is and will be confined in a proper enclosure or is and will be confined inside the owner's residence or is and will be muzzled and confined in the owner's fenced-in yard until the proper enclosure is constructed.In addition, owners who apply for certificates or renewals under this section shall not be issued a certificate or renewal unless they present satisfactory evidence that their residence is and will continue to be posted with clearly visible signs warning both minors and adults of the presence of a dangerous dog on the property and the animal has been permanently identified by means of a tattoo on the inside thigh or by electronic implantation. a) It shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian to allow any dog to run at large in the county during the period of March 1 to November 1 inclusive of each year. It shall be unlawful for any person to own a dog four months old or over in the county unless such dog is licensed as required by this article. (Code 1990, § 3-1) State law references: Amount of license tax, Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.87. No license tag shall be issued for any dog unless there is presented, to the treasurer at the time application for license is made, the amount of license tax and a current certificate of vaccination as required by Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.84 et seq. License taxes on dogs shall be due and payable as follows: 1) On or before January 1 and not later than January 31 of each year, the owner of any dog four months old or older shall pay a license tax as prescribed in section 10-52. Any person violating any of the provisions of this division shall be guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor and shall be subject to punishment as provided in Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.128. The summons shall advise the owner of the nature of the proceeding and the matters at issue. All other provisions of Code of Virginia, § 3.1-796.66 et seq., shall apply mutatis mutandis to the animal control officer of the county Sec. Running at large prohibited during certain months; penalty. (b) No license tax shall be levied on any dog that is trained and serves as a guide dog for a blind person, that is trained and serves as a hearing dog for a deaf or hearing impaired person, or that is trained and serves as a service dog for a mobility-impaired person. Evidence showing inoculation for rabies prerequisite to obtaining dog license. All dangerous and vicious dogs in the county shall be subject to the following regulations: 1) Any animal control officer who has reason to believe that a canine or canine crossbreed within the county is a dangerous dog or vicious dog shall apply to a magistrate of the county for the issuance of a summons requiring the owner or custodian, if known, to appear before the county general district court at a specified time.If you do want to bring something to share, you can take it downstairs before the service.Weather permitting, there is usually a volleyball game going on after lunch while younger kids have fun on the playground. We spend time praising God, praying for healing, praying for unsaved love ones, and listening to interactive teaching.No police dog which was engaged in the performance of its duties as such at the time of the acts complained of shall be found to be a dangerous dog or a vicious dog.No animal which, at the time of the acts complained of, was responding to pain or injury, or was protecting itself, its kennel, its offspring, or its owner or owner's property, shall be found to be a dangerous dog or a vicious dog.

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