Adult chatterbots

If users find all the information they need on Facebook messenger, then they have no need to look elsewhere. The German-American computer scientist, Joseph Weizenbaum, developed the program 'Eliza', in order to demonstrate that it was possible for people and computers to communicate in natural language.The local program without internet access acted as a kind of virtual psychotherapist.What lies behind this isn’t a human, but a program.Chatbots act as advisors and answer questions about the company’s products or services.

Modern chatbots can detect errors in punctuation, grammar, or spelling, and correct these before answering the question. The process usually takes place through Macros or another built-in scripting language.Meanwhile, many projects are already quite developed and have had summaries written on them.This kind of communication technology also provides smaller companies with a lot of opportunities.The relevant information and FAQs are stored previously in the database.Many companies use bots to shorten waiting times while at the same time reducing support costs.What was surprising at the time: Eliza gave such authentic answers that the patients believed they were speaking to a real doctor and this phenomenon is known today as the 'Eliza effect'. It was discovered that the more time the chatbots spent interacting and learning from these interactions and the more additional information they had at their disposal, the more authentic and accurate were the answers given.Chatbots have been employed in customer service for some time to enable a faster, instantaneous contact.This is a great opportunity for big players in the online communication world like Facebook.They obviously want users to stay on their platform and not to lose them to the weather service.Companies can send their own chatbots to communicate with users and the bots act as representatives for the brand.When users write to them and ask questions, they usually reply with product information or tips.

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