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I tried reaching out to my health insurance to approve the equipment I needed to accommodate my mobility issues, but unfortunately for me, mobility equipment for the use outside of the home is not covered what-so-ever through the Medicaid/Medicare health insurance.I was referred to my local organizations, but that just provided a false hope. It was then suggested to me to ask the department of transportation, my friends, family, churches or any one else to help me out.Many don't know their own talents or abilities because they weren't encouraged to become more or provided any other support to be more. We opened the doors of Granuaile House to our first guests in 1909.

Our unique location, history and legendary hospitality have ensured that Granuaile House, with its spectacular views over Clew Bay and the beaches of Clare Island, has remained a family run business.

I applied for loans, but was almost instantly denied because of my income.

We created a fundraiser site to try and gather donations which was unsuccessful.

The "support" for someone in my situation, especially being of low income on disability, turned into a shattered illusion.

It's very difficult to have hope that things will get better and become normal again after you become wheelchair bound or otherwise mobile compromised.

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  1. The fact is that the internet will always harbor those kinds of guys, but what you might not expect are normal guys who go on just to talk, who develop real relationships purely over the internet and never in person.