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, Alan Cantor illustrated the idea of employment accommodation for people with disabilities; discusses the role of human rights legislation in settling the question of who is responsible for providing workplace accommodations; and clarifies the extent to which an employer is responsible for ensuring that a qualified individual is accommodated. Cantor discusses the benefits of accommodating employees with disabilities.Arguing against the commonly held view that workplace accommodations are expensive, he demonstrates that many accommodations cost little or nothing, add value to the workplace, and result in significant benefits for a more Furnished properties offer solid return rates in regards to both short-term and long-term renting periods.Your property is presented in the proper light by video and all-around photography on the leading real estate websites.Immediately you get a list of flats, rooms or apartments which you can adjust or extend.You are looking for a furnished flat, a shared room or a house to rent?In the March-April issue of Worksite News I described how human rights legislation in Canada requires employers, unions and co-workers to accommodate the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities, provided that doing so does not cause "undue hardship." Undue hardship does not mean experiencing an inconvenience.The criteria for assessing undue hardship are cost (i.e., the cost of accommodating an employee affects the financial viability of the company) and health and safety risks (i.e., the risks caused by accommodating an individual outweighs the benefits of enhancing equality).

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In some situations, equal treatment for employees with disabilities may require different treatment.Furthermore, modern computer operating systems have basic accessibility aids, including a magnification system, built in.Many people with disabilities do benefit from high-tech adaptive devices — speech synthesizers, reading machines, speech recognition systems, modified keyboards, and the like.The average cost of accommodating people with injuries and disabilities is surprising low.In 1994 the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) published data demonstrating that the majority of workplace accommodations cost less than US0. JAN reports the median cost of accommodating an employee is about US0. The National Council on Disability (NCD) Bulletin of April 1996 notes that accommodating a worker at Sears, Roebuck and Company averages .Your personal consultant offers local expertise and is dedicated to finding the best housing solution.Benefit from our high service level and multilingual skills.Despite the fact that job accommodations, in general, are reasonably priced, many employers overestimate the cost, assuming that people with disabilities depend on expensive and exotic technical aids.A businessperson of my acquaintance vehemently opposed providing text-enlargement software to an employee with low-vision because it costs "at least 00." In reality, the price tag of state-of-the-art text-enlargement software is about Cdn5, and less expensive alternatives are available.You don’t need to stay in a hotel or to make a rapid removal.Furnished accommodation for limited time offers you individual terms of lease.

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