420 friendly women for dating dating escorts withot getting arrested

Even though it’s becoming more and more widely accepted, there are still governments making it illegal everywhere. So they might not want to get involved with someone who makes it a regular occurrence.Which is why it’s understandable some people aren’t going to be too thrilled by the idea of someone close to them smoking marijuana. They might not want to get caught up in any legal trouble if it comes to that. That means they’d want to know upfront if someone actually smoked or not.Although there are many theories out there, 420 actually originated as a code word.Students in California weren’t allowed to smoke during school, obviously, which meant they had to wait until afterward.CEO Todd Mitchem had a bit of a dating issue that led him to create High There!; he witnessed multiple women walk out on him when they found out he was a pot smoker.If you’re on an online dating app and you see pictures of them smoking, then chances are they’re 420 friendly.

The modern world of dating is often full of confusion.You see people online you might actually get along with really well but you just can’t decipher their bio.Maybe they’d be perfect for you but if you don’t know what 420 friendly means and it’s listed in their bio, how do you know for sure? Not only are more states jumping on the #Legalize It bandwagon, but now dating apps are embracing marijuana lovers too.Behold, the so-called Tinder for pot smokers, High There!This is a common snippet a of people post on their profiles in order to connect with the right types of people.However, not everyone who is 420 friendly will know what it means so how can they connect with that person on a deeper level? First, we have to understand where this phrase originates.They could just be around other people smoking in their pictures too.Again, it could be cigarettes but you can tell the difference between a cigarette and a joint.We don't know any of these women, but Todd does, apparently, so he created this app to help him narrow his search to the 420-friendly. also aims to help jokers and smokers find like-minded midnight tokers to hang out with as friends."We designed High There!as a tool to help all cannabis consumers in places where it is legal make more thoughtful, meaningful, and authentic connections with people like them.

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