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She had it buttoned so that you could some cleavage, but not the lace push-up bra she was wearing underneath that pushed up her c-cup tits. Underneath I knew she was wearing the briefest of g-strings, which covered a beautiful bald pussy. However, I was not expecting what eventually happened.

The evening at the club started off as the rest of our trips had.

I know I would most probably have to fuck one of my audiences again after so long.

I even had a problem sticking the pastie for my pussy as I was so wet, but after several messy attempts, I finally succeeded. I love the way they glitter under the lights and the colour is such a contrast with my fair skin.

As I looked over my wife, I knew a stripper would not have any problem getting her clothes off.

She was wearing a plain white, three-quarter sleeve oxford shirt.

Then after I’m finished, I’d tell the bouncer to give the man a message and tell him to get into the changing room. I know this sounds dangerous but the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen makes me even more excited.

Sadly this doesn’t happen very often anymore because as I told you I’m beginning to get bored with the whole routine.

I used to have a problem when I first started being a stripper, because although I’m as dry as nail when I started my shtick, after two minutes of shedding my clothes, grinding the pole and watching those hungry eyes, I couldn’t help getting wet and horny as hell.

The last time we were there, the stripper pulled her up on stage and completely disrobed my wife.

Seeing the other guys drool at my wife’s naked body definitely got me hard that night.

I could tell she was feeling good because she had been flirting with the waiter.

We have been married seven years and every time she gets drunk, she gets very flirty.

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