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Now onto Week 17, the final week in the regular season.

It’s an interesting schedule with each of the 16 games featuring divisional opponents.

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The favored Lions (8-7) are coming off an embarrassing 26-17 loss at Cincinnati that cost them any chance of a playoff berth. It’s a loss that could cost coach Jim Caldwell his job.

The legend known as “Jimmy G” has changed the outlook for the San Francisco 49ers -- since taking over as starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo has led the 49ers to four straight wins.

Garoppolo also stumped Bing Predicts with a 44-33 upset win over the playoff-bound Jacksonville Jaguars.

Running back Bilal Powell was the Jets’ standout with 19 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown.

In Bryce Petty’s two games as a starter replacing the injured Josh Mc Cown, he has thrown three interceptions and one touchdown.

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