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Further to that, milk is not exactly the health food that the dairy industry claims it to be.We were always taught it created mucous and I made sure my daughter never had it when she was growing up.Personally I reached a stage where my body rejected animal food of all kinds, after being vegetarian for a long while. Dairy was never a big part of my diet but at one time in my youth, we had dairy goats who we shared the milk with and turned that into yoghurt, butter and cheese.These goats were our friends and the last died only 17 years ago, at the ripe old age of 21.Cows are beautiful, kind, intelligent animals who are very maternal and loving and they grieve with a passion that rivals any human.

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Let’s champion a world without fear — a world of deep peace for all species. That sounds very dry but actually it is really yummy and next to raw food vegan, it is currently the healthiest diet on the planet.

She came into the house to be warmed by the fire, and in her final days, we slept cuddled up to her, nursing her day and night. Think about the amount of milk which needs to be produced for the all the milk, custard, yoghurt, cheeses, puddings and chocolate that you see in the supermarket shelves today.

She told me I needed goats in my life, and now we have a small herd of rescued poddy goats, who were all raised in the house and continue to delight us with their friendship. Just as I was grateful to be vegetarian forty years ago when my herb teacher started talking about how meat putrifies in the gut creating an environment for disease, I was grateful to be vegan when I heard about the bobby calves, and how they are cruelly ripped away from their mums and slaughtered for veal.

If killing stopped on the planet , and people evolved to gentle compassion and respect for all of life, there would be peace for all species and freedom from fear.

Thou shalt not kill was a very good commandment that humans have completely ignored and perhaps it is time, in this era of the growing Consciousness, to finally embrace it.

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